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Jobs that need eye protection to prevent cataracts

Some specific industries and occupations need a piece of personal protective equipment to prevent the workers from getting cataracts. Research has shown that the more significant percentage of people with cataracts in Sydney got it from their various occupations. There are several jobs where the eyes can be exposed to materials and conditions that can cause injuries, strain, and diseases. Some jobs can lead to loss of vision, and burns to the face if one fails to follow the safety protocols.

However, we cannot stop you from doing your daily job, but we feel that there’s always a way out so that you won’t later spend your income doing cataract surgery. Do you know you can get a cataract if you don’t protect your eyes? Of course, with that your job, if you are not careful, you may spend your total income on cataract surgery Sydney

There’s no cause for alarm. We are here to show you some jobs or occupations that should not joke about protecting their eyes if they don’t want to end up doing cataract surgery. 

Then, what are cataracts? Cataracts are dense, gloomy area that forms in the lens. Cataracts start when proteins in the eye form clumps that prevent the lens from sending clear images to the retina. Mind you, the safest way to get rid of cataracts once you have them is to go for cataract surgery. 

Cataract surgery refers to the process of eradicating the lens of your eyes and replacing it with an artificial lens. Therefore, it is expedient for you to protect your eyes while working to avoid cataracts. Also, cataract surgery is performed by an ophthalmologist. 

Below here are the jobs that need eye protection to avoid cataracts:

  1. Welding: Are you a welder, and you don’t want to have an eye problem? Then, it would help if you derived a means of protecting your eyes. Welding is among the jobs that are at high risk of eye injuries. This job requires a full face shield to protect the eyes against the rays of light from the fire. The glow of light and the heat in doing welding are also other problems that can cause cataracts. One of the things that can quickly affect one’s eye is heat. Therefore, the face shield must be a thick one. It should be able to protect the eyes from heat and the rays of light during welding. Dear welder, it would be an intelligent decision to wear protection whenever you are working. Honestly, welders must get a good face shield if they don’t want to spend half of their income on cataract surgery.
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  1. Construction company workers: If you work with a construction company and don’t protect your eyes, you are prone to get cataracts.  Remember, your job has to do with dust and some falling particles that may cause a severe injury to your eyes. Therefore, putting on a safety glass while on duty can save you from spending part of your income on cataract surgery. Also, don’t forget you are working in a hazardous environment where an accident can occur at any time. Therefore, our advice for construction company workers is to always put on a face shield while on duty. Click here to read about Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Cataract Surgery.
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  1. Manufacturing industry workers: Employers in a manufacturing plant must follow the safety protocols in protecting their eyes. This occupation sometimes requires grinding metals and other materials that can send some particles to the eyes. Therefore, wearing a face shield shouldn’t be something new to those working with a manufacturing company. Some manufacturing industries like the automobile industry and the electric appliance industry are all environments that demand protection for their workers. It is expedient for one to follow all measures of safety strictly when engaging in such work.
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  1. Receptionist: If you are a receptionist, you need to protect your eyes from UVB rays. You are prone to cataracts because your eyes are constantly exposed to glare and harmful blue light from computer screens. Light from a computer system can gradually damage your natural lens. Once the natural lens in the eye is faulty, one will not see things. Therefore, without a face shield, a receptionist can also end up doing cataract surgery.
  2. Health care workers: Health care workers too are also prone to getting a cataract. They can get cataracts due to the exposure of their eyes to infectious body fluids and waste. That is why cataract surgeons cannot do surgery without protecting their eyes. Therefore, health care jobs like medical lab work, surgery, and nursing must also prevent their eyes from getting cataracts.  
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  1. Freelancers: If you are a freelancer, then you also need to protect your eyes from injuries. Most freelancers spend a more significant percentage of their time on a computer system. And if care is not taken, light from a computer screen can later affect your eyes. For instance, there’s no how a website content developer will not be working on a computer system. Of course, a freelancing job is a brain-tasking job that requires a lot of time placing one’s eyes on a computer system. Therefore, as a freelancer, you need a face shield to protect your eyes from getting cataracts. 
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The eyes are energetic, subtle organs and are one of the most sensitive areas of the body. It demands complete maintenance and attention. So an employer who ensures their workers’ safety should make it a necessity for workers to wear a face shield. If you are working in any of the above-listed industries, then you should not neglect preventive measures. Also, if you do any of the jobs mentioned above, you must assess your risk for eye strain, injuries, and diseases. We will also advise you to always go for a regular checkup per time. Several workers in Sydney have not visited a hospital this year to know the condition of their eyes. It is dangerous. At least, you should visit your eye doctor once in three months for a proper checkup.